Vizier Makelaardij OG
Groeneweg 63
3531 VB Utrecht

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There has to be a click

Walking into a place and immediately thinking: “Yes, this is the one”. That’s when it’s right, that’s when you’ve found what you’re looking for. But where will you find that place? Vizier Makelaardij OG will help you with your search. The housing market in and around Utrecht holds no secrets for us and we know from experience: in the end, everyone finds the one.

Your residential requirements outlined
What is the most important thing for you in a new place and what other things would be nice to have? What are your plans for the future? We take the time for a first meeting, so that we understand properly what it is that you want. And where we should go looking.

Searching and finding
Every day, we find a lot of new properties online. If we think that what you’re looking for is among them, we’ll let you know straightaway. Popular properties – still – sell quickly, so you’ll want to know about them in good time. Would you prefer to look yourself? That’s completely fine; you can just call us once you’ve found something you like. We’ll arrange a viewing and advise you on buying.

Making an offer and negotiating
You’ve found the place. That’s when things start to hot up: weighing things up, making an offer and negotiating. You want the property, but how much is it worth exactly? Has it been well maintained and what additional costs are you going to incur before you can move? We’ll advise you on all of these things and will do the negotiating on your behalf.

Have you reached an agreement with the seller? Congratulations! The place is yours! We’ll see you through all the follow-up paperwork, from a surveyor’s approval right through to handing over the keys.